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Making Perfume In the Studio

The weather right now is so beautiful in New York. I love the beginnings of fall as the light begins to soften and the first touch of cold is in the air. It is also a time when I turn inward and am more introspective. I love making perfumes during this time as it is my alone time, when I can be totally focused. It is totally meditative. 

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What is Natural Perfume?

I have a lot of people ask me "What is Natural Perfume Exactly?" and "How it Different from Other Perfumes?". I recently found this article on Her Beauty Matters which I think offers a great summary of the definition of natural perfume how it differs from the mainstream perfumes that are on the market. "What is natural perfume? There was no need of answering this question in ancient times. Why? Well, the reason is very simple. In those days every thing was natural. So the perfume available in those days was invariably natural perfume. In modern days we have discovered synthetic perfumes. There are many times blends of synthetic perfume and natural perfume in a given perfume. The ordinary person...

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Foraging for Fragrance at Mohonk Mountain House

My family and I spent a lovely day at the Mohonk Mountain House in upstate New York for Father's Day. The setting and grounds at Mohonk are spectacular. And one of the favorite parts of my day was strolling through the garden and smelling all of the flowers getting inspired to create new fragrances for Forager. The peonies were in full bloom and were so lush and fragrant and the roses were equally colorful and prolific. Here are some snapshots I took.

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