Hello Perfume I Missed You! Forager Woodland featured on Pemberley Jones

We are so ecstatic about the amazing detailed review of our Forager natural perfume Woodland on Pemberly Jones. I have reposted the post in it's entirety below because I think it is such a great piece and offers readers a great intro to choosing a natural perfume.

"Traditional designer perfumes are probably one of the most difficult things for many women to give up when they make the switch to natural products, but it’s one of the most important changes we make. Phthalates and the components that make up synthetic fragrances are some of the worst offenders on the market and they are often in the hidden ingredients that aren’t required to be listed as anything more than “fragrance”.

I was never as dedicated to perfume as many women, simply because many perfumes trigger horrible migraines for me. I talk about my nose A LOT, with good reason. It is directly connected to my migraine prone brain. It can make me incredibly happy, or incredibly miserable, in an instant.

On the other hand, I’ve always longed for a special scent to call my own. It’s such a glamorous idea, and for someone so scent-happy, I can’t help but want a pretty perfume. I’m happy to report, I finally have one!

Forager’s gorgeous perfume, Woodland, is my nose’s new favorite thing! When I spray it on, I smell the autumns of my childhood spent on a farm (think fields, not stables). I’m delighted by notes of cedarwood, but something else sweet and incredibly soft. I am in love. The pretty bottle was an impossibly lucky bonus.

Forager was created by designer Casey Coyle. She uses only natural and organic essential oils to create her alcohol based perfumes.  The (GORGEOUS) bottles also feature a locally crafted wooden cap. I have to say, having this on my counter makes me incredibly happy. You can read more about Casey and her lovely perfumes and purchase them here. 

The most common complaint with natural perfumes, is that they don’t last. I for one, am grateful for this. That lasting, implacable quality is usually what makes me ill. However, I certainly don’t want a perfume that disappears instantly after application, rather something that would stick around for a couple of hours adding a touch of sophistication to my day. A confidence boost, if you will. 

The scent stays on my skin for a couple of hours, and longer when sprayed on my clothes. I use a spritz on my wrist, and one on my neck. This covers the bases perfectly and I smell pretty great for a few hours. This is perfect for me, but if I had a long day ahead of me, I might pick up an atomizer to carry in my purse. 

The beauty of Casey’s lovely perfume is that the scent is there to delight, but it’s not overpowering. I’m completely ignorant of the history of perfumes, but I’d love to know at what point when it became desirable for something to be applied in the AM and be so nauseatingly strong, that it was still around by the end of the day? 

I am totally in love with this perfume and I of course now I want to try them all! If you’re still looking for a natural perfume option, give Forager a try, you won’t regret it. Still not ready to take the plunge? Casey has a sample pack on her site to help you decide on your signature scent."  

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Photo: Pemberley Jones