What is Natural Perfume?

I have a lot of people ask me "What is Natural Perfume Exactly?" and "How it Different from Other Perfumes?". I recently found this article on Her Beauty Matters which I think offers a great summary of the definition of natural perfume how it differs from the mainstream perfumes that are on the market.

"What is natural perfume? There was no need of answering this question in ancient times. Why? Well, the reason is very simple. In those days every thing was natural. So the perfume available in those days was invariably natural perfume. In modern days we have discovered synthetic perfumes. There are many times blends of synthetic perfume and natural perfume in a given perfume. The ordinary person will not understand the difference between the synthetic perfume and the natural perfume.

If you want to understand what natural perfume is, then you will have to understand what a synthetic perfume is. One definition of the natural perfume will be derived from plants and not containing any synthetic material. As all the natural perfumes are plant derived materials, many a times they are also called as botanical perfumes or simply botanicals.

The synthetic perfume is the boon of the modern chemical industry. In organic chemistry, it was long known that certain chemicals have smells resembling some natural fragrances. These chemicals were isolated and well studied. Later it was possible to manufacture these good smelling chemicals in bulk. As the mass production of these synthetic chemicals started, the economics in the perfumery products changed for ever. The synthetic perfume could be manufactured in the factory and thus brought down the costs of the perfume tremendously.

The natural perfume is produced by a very slow natural process. It uses natural botanical products only. Naturally it is not possible to produce this natural perfume as a factory product. So the costs of natural perfume are always very high."