An Interview by Eco Cult with Annie Jackon of Credo Beauty

I have been meaning to share this article by Eco Cult. It is a great interview with one of our favorite retailers Credo Beauty who soon to be opening a flagship shop in San Francisco. I love how Annie shares her vision for the newly found company "We’re seeing this second generation of these cool entrepreneurs, who we’re calling makers, who are passionate about the natural products category. But they’re coming at it from a genuine place of being conscious and informed about ingredients. When we started putting together our assortment for Credo, we were shocked because we found over a hundred beautiful brands we absolutely fell in love with. They were really different than that first generation of natural brands you saw at Whole Foods or your natural food market, that were totally natural, but that weren’t so amazing in terms of efficacy or packaging. Our goal is to give them a platform that is authentic and transparent as they are." Read the full article here: